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Food Aggression

Changing the Attitude, Not Just the Behavior While this article is titled “Food Aggression …” the concepts in the article can be applied to any sort of resource guarding. NOTE: dealing with aggression issues, especially if the dog has already bitten someone, is best done under the “hands on” guidance of a professional.  Aggression issues…

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The Elusive “Off Switch”

On a regular basis I see on social media people talking about an “off switch” and how the Malinois, Border Collie, etc. doesn’t have one.  Especially the working line dogs.  I’ll refer to the Malinois in this article since they are my breed of choice, but you can insert any high drive/high energy working breed…

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Teach a Dog To Wear a Muzzle

Types of muzzles When teaching your dog to wear a muzzle, first you need to find one that fits properly.  Depending on the use, different muzzles will fit differently.  For example the “mikki muzzle”, which is the fabric muzzle many vets use, is made for short duration use.  With only one purpose, to keep the…

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